Monday, 13 March 2017

Dog Helios life jacket..

Like the majority of spaniels we meet at the beach, Freddie is usually part drowned rat, part sand monster combined. He loves the chase his ball into the waves lapping at the sand and has recently started to become more adventurous bounding a little further out.

Living in the North East the coastline is beautiful and we are extremely lucky but the waves can be a little rough.

Last week I had one of those heart in mouth moments, in which I almost wades into the sea after Freddie. Freddie got really brave and went further out for his ball then usual and started to make his way back into shore as a massive wave came over the top of him. If felt like a lifetime passed before his little head popped up and he doggy paddled back to shore. Whilst telling my mum about this ordeal she told me to buy him a life jacket, but being the spoilt little puppy he is, Nanna and grandad bought him one.

The life jacket we have is the Dog Helios dog go swimming life jacket and can be found on Amazon.

On the way back from a weekend in the North West, we called at a beach for a test run. The waves were big and we lost a tennis ball... but I must say, I definitely felt a lot more relaxed knowing that Freddie was a bit safer. Even though he didn't go for more than a paddle today. For a dog who doesn't really like wearing coats, Freddie was not bothered by the life jacket. I think he had a great time playing with his ball in the sand.


The beach we visited was Horden beach; in County Durham. This beaches has no dog restrictions, all year round.

I can't wait for Freddie to try it out when he eventually gets brave enough to go for a proper swim, hopefully on a trip into the Lake District but for now I will have peace of mind when he is playing in the waves should he be taken by surprise again.

Lots of woof,
Chloe&Freddie x


  1. Oh he does look like he is having fun.
    I wish we lived near the sea.

    1. He loves the beach, we are in a really good location for the sea and the countryside :)